Lessons for TOTAL BEGINNERS! or existing players a bit more advanced!

All you need to attend is a clear mind, a few fingers, Your own cup for tea / coffee and the ability to count up to 10 and best of all NO MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED! honestly!! none needed!

Handpan lessons northamptonshire

Never touched one? only seen or heard them? come and try many different ones all in one place!

  You will be making these beautiful instruments sing within a very short time as we offer simple, clear and very easy to follow personal friendly and very fun instructions.

***No sharing a handpan or waiting for a turn to play at these workshops!! We supply upto 8 handpans all ready for you or your group to start playing streight away!

WEEKDAYS Either 1 to 1 or groups ( upto 8 )


£30 PER PERSON exchange,Simply contact us and arrange your place and pay on the day

Lots of free parking outside venue

Handpan lessons northamptonshire1  Bring your own cup for Tea / Coffee

WC fascilities onsite

Current Covid rules apply

Simply let us know is you would like to come along 🙂

ONLINE LESSONS: we can provide these if you already have a handpan instrument of your own, £20 per hour


.Handpan Lessons Northampton