Singing Steel UK AUGUST 2022 Weekend Camp

Singing Steel UK

Singing Steel UK is a musical Handpan Weekend gathering set within a wonderful musical world! It is a virtual village where handpan folk dwell.

We welcome all handpan enthusiasts and interested people to a new chilled out weekend in August 2022 for everything handpan aswell as making music with other players and instruments.

singing steel UK handpan event

The Handpan & Didgeridoo are sympahetic to eachother and harmonise well, with this in mind we are incorporating a singing steel area within the singing sticks venue.

Handpan players can come along and share their perfomance skills on a stage or just chat or Jam over the weekend and there will be handpan instruments available to play & purchase onsite.

Come along and camp for the weekend and meet like minded people who have a common interest in handpan instruments

peterpan handpans

We invite anyone with an interest in handpans or suppliers of handpan related items to come along and join in, this new venue allows us the oppertunity to showcase handpan and open it up to many new people.

Lots of smiles, the awesomeness of meeting new and old friends, welcoming people and no cliques and no hirachy as we are all equal.

Its a wonderfull weekend full of musical promise as you will get to meet many other musicians that come from all walks of life, you can eat, drink, be merry and have a great weekend away in an idillic place full of beautiful people

Its a weekend of feeling welcomed and a part of something bigger set in beautiful Northamptonshire UK ( Rose of the shires ) 🙂

peterpan handpans lessons

–> Your Singing Sticks Ticket purchase gives you full access to the venue and all events & workshops within singing sticks & the virtual handpan village