D E F G A – 5 TOP DINGS Handpan for Bridging more handpans


Scale: D E F G A

Bass Handpan designed to bridge handpans together in harmony, add many more sounds to your existing handpans with this top ding special handpan

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNGL2jLHoVs[/embedyt]

PPH BASS Handpan, its important to create musical connections and movement

If you play one handpan that’s fine but when you start to add more handpan instruments in series to create ever more elaborate music its always a good idea to have a Bass Pan inline.

The bass pan allows you to move across multiple handpans utilising the top ding of many, in the case of the PeterPan Handpans Bass Pan you have D*E*F*G*A 

The Bass pan resonates slightly different to the normal top ding on a handpan due to being surrounded by multiple top dings and not normal notes as found on the playing tonefields

There are many ways to utilise the Bass Pan to take advantage of its notes and harmonics, it is the perfect bridge instrument! –)))

Please use earphones / Headphones for better sound reproduction!