The instrument purchase price for one of our ready to purchase and play handpans


FREE European Union Postage / Shipping Free shipping / postage UK / EU

A Hardcase, Back Pack protection case ( Blue or Black )

1 Container of Handpan Cleaning / Care fluid to protect the instrument

Custom metal business card with the instruments scale on it including make numbers

FREE weekend camping Ticket to the NEW UK handpan event Singing Steel UK ( August 6 7 8 – 2021 )

Never heard of our brand before? nevermind just Check out our Google reviews and our videos etc as we offer very high quality sounding instruments that are unlike others out there in sound or artwork.

We have used custom spun steel since we started making instruments over 4 years ago and as such are specialists in the instruments manufacture with this unique material as it offers many properties that mass produced pressed steels or hydroformed steels can not equal.

Why would you have the same as everyone else seems to have on facebook / youtube etc when you can have something amazing, unique and beautiful sounding?

Our clients love being unique themselves hence why we have a great client list of new beginner players all the way upto proffesionals.

Be unique, join the growing Peter Pan Handpans family